16 January 2018

16 January 2018 Posted by: Category: Hardware, ICE London No comments

At ICE 2018, PSM Gaming will launch G660 Cayenne, complementing its range of hardware for the global market in the entry-level segment.

G660 Cayenne is the latest complete AWP platform by PSM Gaming, which will be officially launched at ICE 2018. It is a Comma 6a card based on an Intel® Bay-Trail dual core CPU that stands out for its high performance processing and graphics thanks to the integrated GPU HD 4000 with hardware support for OpenGL 4.0 and H.264. It also boasts a 4.3W CPU with integrated graphics, ultra low power consumption and low temperatures. This entry-level segment product, besides having an excellent value for money, complements the PSM Gaming product range for the international market alongside G920 Chili, designed for the specific needs of medium to high-end casino machines and based on the processors of the AMD Embedded R-Series family.

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